Alexandra Auger

Position: Managing Director


The Juice Executive began as a kitchen start up, with a small juicer and a passion for exceptional, fresh juice. Since 2014 Alex’s commitment to producing cold pressed juice has driven the business to where it is today. The 20 strong team now operate from a 5000 square feet purpose built facility in Kent, and deliver thousands of juices across London and the UK each week. Alex works closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and create a bespoke solution for their production. Alex also offers menu consulting services for juice brands in the UK and overseas.

Outside of work Alex enjoys cooking to switch off, and any sort of home renovation project.


Harriet Wood

Position: Operations Manager


Harriet was the first person to join the Juice Executive team in 2014, coming from a background in food production and also a family of Kent growers. Harriet’s experience ensures we source the best quality produce, from the most reliable and reputable suppliers. Harriet is responsible for the sourcing and buying of all our produce and works carefully with our suppliers all year round to ensure consistency across the final product.  Harriet also manages the Operations side of the business, working closely with Janek and Karl to maintain a seamless operation 6 days a week. 

Harriet spends most of her spare time on her family farm, enjoying the Kent countryside with her dogs. She also enjoys horse riding as a good way to switch off. 


Karl Oakley

Position: Factory Manager


Karl joined our team in 2016, bringing 17 years of extensive experience from the food industry – ranging from bakery products, fruit fillings, jams and now juice. Karl oversees the production department and factory floor, ensuring the smooth running of our production line. He is also responsible for our training and development, as well as writing operating procedures.

Outside of work Karl is a huge Gillingham Football Club fan and enjoys spending time with family and friends.