For 2022 we have developed a new Fresh Line of the most popular and successful Cold pressed Fresh juices.

In terms of Juice quality, fresh is best is our philosophy. Whilst HPP has its place extending shelf life , the optimum tasting juice is always fresh. Customers taste the difference and this adds value, assisting our clients succeed in differentiating their offerings in the Premium catering sector with an emphasis on health and well being.

We understand minimum order quantities for fresh are important to avoid waste so we have reduced the minimum order quantities for chilled deliveries to minimise food waste .

The following range of Juices is available:-

Freshly Squeezed
OrangeNot all orange juice is created equal! We source the best quality and juiciest oranges throughout the year to deliver a truly exceptional fresh orange juice. You can taste the
JE Everyday 250/1000
Seasonal Cold
Pressed Apple
Seasonal Apple,
Ascorbic Acid
Being based in Kent, we know our apples! We rotate varieties throughout the year to press a juice that reflects the best of the season.JE Everyday 250/1000
Ginger RootsCarrot, Apple,
Ginger, Lemon
This classic combination is a winner all year around – our most popular cold pressed blend.JE Cold Press 250/1000
Orange GlowCarrot, Orange*
Turmeric, Lemon *All ingredients except
Orange organic
A fantastic breakfast juice, turmeric adds complexity to the flavour as well as health benefits.JE Cold Press 250/1000
Pink RootsBeetroot, Carrot,
Apple, Lemon
A deliciously earthy juice with plenty of substance. Well balanced by the acidity from apple and lemon.JE Cold Press 250/1000
Gentle GreensSpinach, Apple,
Cucumber, Lime,
This is a great introduction to green juices – with a touch of sweetness but plenty of leafy greens.JE Cold Press 250/1000
Ginger GreensSpinach, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, GingerA green juice with a kick – a vibrant choice which is really well balanced.JE Cold Press 250/1000

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We offer tailored pricing and solutions for Corporates with multiple outlets, encompassing customised bottles, labelling and distribution solutions.